iqaNunavut’s largest and capital city, Iqaluit was once known as the Frobisher Bay – the same name of its adjacent bay. Having the lowest population in Canada, it is situated along the coast of Baffin Island. It was first established by Nakasuk, the founder of the city, and has received its status as a city in the year 2001.

Residents of the city are called Iqalummiut. Some prominent individuals who have Iqaluit roots are the Politicians Dennis Patterson, Ed Picco, and Abe Okpik, actress Annabella Piugattuk, US explorer Matty McNair, rock singer and songwriter Lucie Idlout and Nakasuk himself.

As Iqaluit is the considered as the least populated Canadian capital city, career opportunities for the people are scarce. Major employers are from transportation and infrastructure industry. Airlines like the Air Nunavut, Canadian Helicopters, Nunasi Helicopters and Unaalik Aviation are the major employers. Ships and small vessels are also part of the city’s transportation industry.

Health and medical services, however, are also major generators of job opportunities as well as emergency services like the Iqaluit Airport and the Baffin Regional Hospital. Moreover, with the metropolitan’s 6 public schools, 1 French school and 2 post-secondary level schools, educational sector are also part of the city’s economy.