Fast Facts: Founded in 1826, Ottawa’s two major regions are the Gatineau and the National Capital Region (NCR). The metropolitan is known as the fourth largest and the capital city of Canada. Moreover, records say that the city’s original name was Bytown and was only changed into its present name, Ottawa, in the year 1855.
Etymology: The word Ottawa was said to be derived from the term Odawa, an Algonquin language meaning ‘To Trade’.
Hailed names: “Silicon Valley North”
Economy and major employers: Statistics studies in the National Capital Region of Ottawa reported that over 80,000 individuals are employed in the city’s 1800 technological companies while 110,000 people are employed in the sector of public service. In addition, the health sector employs an estimated 18,000 people.

Major employers in the technological and health industry include telecommunications, software development and environmental technology as well as Ottawa’s four notable general and specialized hospitals. The Federal Government along with the Canadian Armed Forces that have set defence headquarters in the city also plays an important role in providing jobs for the citizens.