Fast Facts: Recorded as one of the Pacific Northwest’s oldest cities, Victoria is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island
Landmarks: Empress Hotel, The British Columbia Parliament Buildings and the second oldest Chinatown after San Francisco’s

Etymology: Named after the famous Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Victoria
Hailed names: Hailed as “The Garden City” and the “City of Newly Weds and Nearly Deads” for its phenomenal beauty very suitable for wedding and honeymoon destination as well as retirement getaways.
Economy and major employers: Known for its many attractions along with different night clubs, theatres, restaurants, cruise ships and pubs, the metropolis’ tourism industry have always been a major line of work for the population. Along with this industry is the technological sector that employs an estimated 13,000 hired workers. Moreover, investment and banking enterprise Canadian Forces and food products manufacturing are also major employers.

Colleges and Universities also take part in Victoria’s rising economy as it provides over 33,000 job positions for their faculties and staffs.