Fast Facts: Winnipeg is known to be the largest and capital city of the province of Manitoba in Canada. With the construction of many forts in the region, trading has always been the city’s top industry. The forts built in Winnipeg dates back to these years: 1738 when the French traders constructed the city’s first fort called Fort Rouge, 1809 when Fort Gibraltar was built by the North West Company and 1812 when Fort Douglas was constructed by Hudson’s Bay Company.
Etymology: The name Winnipeg was said to be originated from term wi-nipe-k, a Western Cree word, meaning “muddy waters”
Hailed names: “Gateway to the West”
Economy and major employers: Statistical records indicated that 15.2% of Winnipeg’s employment records are from the trading industry, 9.8% in manufacturing, 7.7% in educational and 15.2% in health care and social assistance. Further, 54,000 hired individuals are employed in the public sectors while 416, 700 people are employed in the various sectors of government and government based institutions.

Top companies that hire skilled and talented individuals are Manitoba Hydro, Health Science Centre and the University of Manitoba as well as Manitoba Telecom Services, Magellan Aerospace and Boeing Canada Technology.